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One of the many services we perform for our clients are Property and Real Estate videos. We currently running discounted rates anywhere on the Wasatch front for videos to post to MLS.  These videos

We do quite a bit of business in real estate. Mainly high-end homes looking for that extra attention to attract buyers on MLS as well as those looking to rent their home or cabin and want something nice on their website. 

We’ve been running a discount for local realtors as a package deal.  We charge a simple flat rate that consists of aerial footage of the home/property and a 1 to 2 minute edit of the footage to music. 

Every client of ours has been super impressed with the quality of the video and the attention it brought to their listing.

We’re happy to chat more or answer any questions you have. We’re also super flexible with the final product, we can deliver raw unedited aerial footage as well as ground and inside home footage for a little more money.

Please contact us for questions or job requests.


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